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Dab Nail Unisex Titanium Nail in Multiple Sizes

Upgrade your dab rig with this domeless titanium nail. Choose the right size for your dab setup, and experience the high-quality performance of this grade 2 titanium product. This nail fits both male and female glass fittings for versatile use, and since titanium holds up to hundreds of uses, you can carry this piece over as you graduate to new rigs. You get two pieces to configure this dab nail to fit either male or female glass fittings, and this piece is dual size, so it fits both 10mm and 14mm or 14 and 18mm glass fittings.

Feature Breakdown of This Titanium Dab Nail

  • Made of grade 2 titanium
  • Domeless for convenience when dabbing, particularly when taking back-to-back dabs
  • Dual-size fitting expands use options and fits both 10mm and 14mm glass fittings or choose our 14mm and 18mm version
  • Unisex dab nail fits both male and female fittings
  • Easy to configure

Benefits of this Domeless Titanium Dab Nail

Why Opt for Titanium?

Titanium nails best ceramic and quartz models hands down when it comes to durability. You simply aren't going to break or crack this nail from dropping it or overheating it, so it will be with you for years if you like. While quartz and ceramic have both come a long way and manufacturers are able to make fairly durable dab nails from each, if you drop one on the floor it will likely shatter.

Durability isn't titanium's only benefit. It heats faster than ceramic and holds heat longer than quartz. A titanium nail won't usually hold heat as long as a ceramic nail that has been properly heated, but you get the best of both worlds with this metal domeless nail. You can experience a fast dab as the nail heats in as little as 15 seconds, and you can savor the dab thanks to the long retention of heat.

Reasons to Choose a Domeless Dab Nail

Domeless nails offer a number of benefits, especially to experienced dabbers. Without a dome, you don't have to worry about removing and replacing parts to handle another dab, which is not only convenient but can also mean increased safety since you'll have no reason to touch a possibly hot dome.

A domeless nail is also usually more sanitary than its domed brethren is. Without a dome, there are fewer places for oil, concentrate or residue to become trapped. An experienced dabbing enthusiast knows that clean dab equipment is critical to maximizing the flavor and enjoyment of the product.

Benefits of a Unisex, Dual-Size Model

Titanium nails are sometimes pricier than quartz nails, which means beginning dabbers who haven't had time to amass a solid collection of paraphernalia might want to make the most of any purchase. Even experienced dabbers might want a solid go-to nail that can be used with a variety of rigs. Opting for a nail that fits both genders and two sizes creates more flexibility in how you enjoy your product and lets you rotate easily through your favorite dab rigs.

Tips for Using the Domeless Unisex Titanium Dual-Size Dab Nail

Season All Titanium Nails

Seasoning is important when using any dab nail, but it is especially critical for titanium nails because they aren't usually food grade. Without seasoning, a titanium nail might also lend a metallic taste to your shatter or concentrate, ruining the experience. To season this titanium nail, place it on your rig and heat it up as if you are about to enjoy a dab. Instead of dabbing, apply concentrate to all the areas of the nail that concentrate might be applied in the future. Let the nail cool for a few seconds and then repeat the entire process. Do this between three and five times to fully season your titanium dab nail.

Maintaining Your Titanium Dab Nail

Keeping your dab nail clean is essential to maintaining a quality dab experience overtime. That is actually true for your entire rig, but your dab nail is what comes into contact with the concentrate, so if you only have time to clean one item, this should be it. Clean this titanium dabbing nail with a solution of 91 percent isopropyl alcohol. Simply submerge a fully cooled titanium dab nail in such a solution for a few minutes to an hour. Don't dry the dab nail with a cloth that could leave behind fibers. It's best to let the nail air dry when possible.

Using this Titanium Dual-Size Dab Nail

Once your new nail is seasoned and you are ready to dab with it, select the piece that fits the gender of your glass fitting and place this nail on your rig. Heat the nail between 15 and 25 seconds. While you can't break this nail with overheating, you can get the surface so hot it will burn your concentrate and ruin the dab. Let the surface cool for a couple of seconds before placing your oil on the nail and enjoying your dab. Make sure you always let a titanium nail cool sufficiently before you handle it to avoid burns.

Order this domeless, dual-size titanium nail today to complement a wide range of glass dab rigs with 10mm and 14mm male or female fittings.

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