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Domeless Quartz Sombrero Dab Nail

Add custom elements to any style dabbing rig with this domeless quartz sombrero nail. Choose male or female nails in either 10mm, 14mm or 18mm sizes at 90-degree angles to fit your dab rig or waterpipe. You can choose from female or male genders and we also offer a dual sized male dab nail. This domeless quartz nail features a sombrero-style dish that delivers maximum vaping functionality, increasing your dabbing enjoyment and reducing potential waste of quality shatter. This dabbing nail combines the affordability and functionality of quartz in a lab-grade product that lets you achieve enjoyable results every time you heat up your rig.

Feature Breakdown of This Domeless Quartz Sombrero Dab Nail

  • Quartz nail construction allows for fast heating
  • Ability to choose male or female fitting
  • Three size options to fit more rigs and a dual size
  • Domeless nail design is safe and efficient for back-to-back dabbing
  • Quartz product is made to lab-grade requirements for safety and quality
  • Sombrero-style dish maximizes vaping

Benefits of the Domeless Quartz Sombrero Dab Nail

Why Opt for Quartz?

Many dabbing enthusiasts choose quartz for at least one nail in their collection because it is relatively inexpensive while still delivering quality performance. Quartz is typically less expensive than titanium and much more durable than the glass nails that often come included with a dab rig. While quartz can break, especially if you overheat it, quartz nails hold up a lot longer than similar glass nails do.

Quartz also heats faster than some other nail materials, especially ceramic. Enthusiasts enjoy the fast heating time because it lets them get to vaping with only a few seconds of prep, and it makes it easier to dab more than once in sequence. Quartz doesn't hold heat very well, though, so you do have to take a few seconds to reheat this domeless quartz sombrero nail if you plan on dabbing again right away.

Why Go Domeless?

If you're new to dabbing, you might not be overly worried about cleanliness, but keeping a sanitized nail and rig is important. Removing debris and residue from your nail ensures each dab is as pure as possible, and purer dabs are more effective. A domeless nail is often easier to keep clean than a domed nail because residue doesn't get trapped under the dome as the nail cools.

If quartz makes it easier to double down on dabbing, then a domeless quartz nail is even more convenient. Recent heating and use of a nail can make a dome too hot to handle safely, which means a domeless nail can also be a safer option if you plan on back-to-back dabbing.

Benefits of a Sombrero Dish

The sombrero dish on this quartz nail lets you maximize the amount of vapor you get from each use of concentrate. Named after the infamous hat style, the dish features a raised post hole in the center of high, round walls. The high walls minimize spillage, letting you get vapor from every drop of product and avoid loss of product from minor tremors or bumps as you handle your rig. The ring dish lets you wrap nice strings of concentrate around the center post. Since all of the dish heats, your shatter is heated from the bottom, center and exterior walls of the dish, speeding the vaping process and "milking" your concentrate for full effect.

How to Dab With This Domeless Quartz Dab Nail

Choose low-temp or high-temp dab materials. Low-temp dabbing requires 10 to 15 seconds of heating, and high-temp dabbing requires around 20 seconds of heating. Don't apply concentrate immediately after you heat a nail because you could burn it. Wait a few seconds to apply your product and begin inhaling vapors.

Order this lab-grade quartz dab nail today in a size and gender that fits your rig. Use the two drop-down menus to choose the right size and gender to fit your rig before adding this product to your cart.

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