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Adapterrl Man Quartz Banger Domeless Nail

Enjoy a quality dab experience without breaking the bank with this Adapterrl Man quartz banger dab nail. We have designs to fit 10mm, 14mm or 18mm female glass fittings on existing dab rigs or bongs, this nail lets you customize your dab session with your choice of rigs. Whiledab nails are sometimes pricier than domed models, quartz is an affordable material that fits into the budget of many enthusiasts. But budget pricing doesn't mean lower quality; this Adapterrlman dab nail is constructed to meet lab-grade specifications. The banger style dish also helps you maximize vaping results so you don't waste any product.

Feature Breakdown of This Domeless Quartz Nail

  • Quartz nail heats quickly
  • Domeless nail creates safer back-to-back dabs
  • Dual size expands rig options for this dab nail
  • Fits 10mm, 14mm, 18mm
  • Pick from male or female genders
  • Also choose from 45-degree or 90-degree angles
  • Lab-grade specifications ensure quality and longer functionality
  • Banger dish improves vaping performance

Benefits of the Quartz Dab Nail

Benefits of Quartz

Quartz nails in general come with a number of benefits. Most dabbers consider quartz nails to be an economic way to enhance dab performance. Many dab rigs come with a glass nail, and glass nails are known for breaking and don't generally hold up over time. Quartz nails are an easy way to replace the existing glass nail if it breaks or you simply want something that delivers a more effective dab.

When compared with ceramic, another economic nail choice, quartz heats faster. That equates to reduced prep time before you can enjoy your dab. While quartz doesn't always hold heat for a second dab, it's easy to reheat a quartz nail for back-to-back dabs.

Benefits of Quartz Dab Nails

Domeless dabbing nails also provide some general benefits, particularly with regard to the ease of doubling down. You have to remove the dome over a traditional nail to add new dabbing material. If you've recently dabbed, the dome might still be too hot to safely handle and that can be difficult to tell with quartz, which doesn't always look hot. A domeless nail means you can reload without fooling with a dome, reducing the risk of light burns to fingers and hands.

Another benefit of domeless nails is that residue isn't trapped in the area as the rig cools. If you leave a dome on as the nail cools, residue from the vapor can solidify and cause the dome to stick; forcefully removing a stuck dome can lead to breakage.

Many dab enthusiasts also note that domeless nails often provide a higher-quality or more potent experience. Ventilation slots on the quartz nail let you take direct dabs without adding a hood after heating.

About the Manufacturer

Addapterrlman specializes in creating high-quality glass, quartz and titanium components for use in vaping and smoking. The company sources top-quality resources and works to ensure components like quartz are never inappropriately mixed with other elements. Designers work to craft beautiful, functional dabbing products that any enthusiasts would be proud to display and happy to use. The manufacturer reports that testing occurs to ensure products meet ANSI standards prior to shipping.

Tips for Using these Dabbing Nails

Seasoning Quartz Nails

Ensure long-lasting use of this dab nail by taking the time to season it. First, heat the nail for around 45 seconds. This burns off residue that might linger from manufacturing and shipping. Cool the nail for approximately 15 seconds before placing a very small amount of oil on the nail. Coat the nail with the concentrate as you enjoy the dab. Repeat this process three times to fully season the nail, although the potency of dabbing means you might want to break seasoning into several sessions.?Íí_

Cleaning Quartz Dab Nails

HERB notes that ash residue can reduce the flavor of even the best shatter, so proper cleaning is important. The former Stoner's Cookbook writers recommend wiping excess oil from the nail about 15 seconds after dabbing. Use a Q-tip for this task. For periodic cleanings, scrape dried residue from the nail with a dab tool and heat the nail until it is red hot. This lets the ash cook off the surface. You can also soak a fully cooled nail in 70 percent isopropyl alcohol to remove residue.

Dabbing With This Quartz Nail

Low-temp dabs are possible by heating this dual-size quartz nail for 10 to 15 seconds, and high-temp dabs require up to 20 seconds of heat. Let the nail cool a couple seconds and then apply concentrate. If the nail is so hot it is red, don't touch it to your wax. You'll only burn your concentrate and lose out on a dabbing session.

To get started dabbing with this high-quality, versatile quartz dab nail soon, add it to your cart today.

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