Dabburyegg an Adapterrlman Original (daburyegg)

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We at Adapterrlman are proud to introduce the Dabburyegg, an Egg Quartz Dab Nail.

The most important development in dabbing in the last decade, the Dabburyegg was created by Adapterrlman to give you an unparalleled dabbing experience! We designed the Dabburyegg to bring you the optimum in health benefits from essential oils, with the minimum of waste and fuss.

Essential oils are most beneficial to our health and wellbeing.

Using a Dabburyegg really brings out the flavors and other potent parts of your oils.  However, the challenge lies in heating the oil without degrading its chemical structure or quality of the oils.

The Dabburyegg rises to that challenge! We’ve designed the Dabburyegg to allow greater efficiency in the administration of your fine essential oils. A deeper dish prevents wasteful spilling, and allows the oil to be heated more evenly, producing a finer, more balanced session. With the nail head enclosed in the egg shape, the heat stays trapped, providing a more flavorful and longer lasting dab that uses less of your oil!

Besides being more versatile, the Dabburyegg has a few other advantages over a traditional piece! The quartz composition of the Dabburyegg provides a superior flavor to acrylic, or even titanium, products and yet is completely compatible with your present apparatus. We purposely designed the Dabburyegg without corners! This rounded design allows for easier cleaning of the head between each dab, preventing buildup and helping to retain flavor and potency!


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