Quartz dab nail sombrero domeless 6 options available - Adapterrlman

If quartz makes it easier to double down on dabbing, then a domeless quartz nail is even more convenient. Recent heating and use of a nail can make a dome too hot to handle safely, which means a domeless nail can also be a safer option if you plan on back-to-back dabbing.

Benefits of a Sombrero Dish

The sombrero dish on this quartz nail lets you maximize the amount of dabs you get from each session. Named after the infamous hat style, the dish features a raised post hole in the center of high, round walls. The high walls minimize spillage, letting you get every last drop of dabs and avoid loss of product from minor tremors or bumps as you handle your rig. The ring dish lets you wrap nice strings of concentrate around the center post.

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Quartz dab nail daisy nail or castle nail 5 options available  - Adapterrlman

If your going for style points on your rig this is a choice you shouldn't look past, this will definitely add the kings touch to any glass apparatus. These dab nails are great they help reduce wasted dabs by keeping the dabbing dish on the inside and you heat the outer layer of quartz to transfer the heat to the dish. It has several slits around the outside dish to give you maximum airflow with our restricting your dabs.

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Quartz dab nail banger domeless nail 14 options available - Adapterrlman

Bangers are one of the most common dab nails found in the market today many prefer it's shape and dish size for when they have a session. It allows large amounts of dabs and low temp dabbing. Not to mention the carb caps can also be an accessory in itself now ranging from a standard cap to directionals that let you move the dabs around the dish bottom while having a sesh. 

Below are only 90° options for Glass Apparatuses if you need something not listed below please click on our chat icon in the lower right corner for assistance.

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Quartz dab nail banger domeless nail 4mm thick dish 12 options available - Adapterrlman

One of the key upgrades to this style of banger is the dish has been made thicker. You may wonder the purpose of a thicker dish. It's actually so you can take a lower temp dab and also use a larger amount if you'd like. The thicker dish retains heat for a long period allowing you to really taste your terps.  

Only 90° options available below. Not sure what size you need, don't panic click our chat window in the lower right and one of our assistants will be glad to help.  

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