How to claim your discount


          Hey, Dave here from Adapterrlman if you haven't taken the time to watch the about us video's on our homepage I highly recommend you do so to get yourself familiar with our company.

          We will offer a wide variety of buy one get one offers on our website ranging from 20% off all the way to free I can't tell you what the special is this week but know it does change regularly so grab one of these offers while they are running!

Let's claim our discount!

  • First, you will have to select one of the products that we offer in the current promotion
  • You can find out by clicking the Flash Sales Link in the left side navigation menu
  • After you have selected the product(s) from the correct collection you will see this link in your shopping cart
  • See Image Below

    Buy One get One Free BOGO - Adapterrlman


  • You click the link it will automatically take you to the correct collection that qualifies for the discount.
  • You will notice the products are listed at full price but do not worry the discount will be applied after you add the products to your shopping cart
  • See Images Below

    Buy One Get One Adapterrlman


  • You will want to give your shopping cart a momtent to update after you've added the items
  • You will notice the discount is applied to your newly added item
  • See Image Below


  • You can proceed with checking out as normal or you can grab more discounts by buying more items at full price and re-activating the discount offers.
  • Yes you can get multiple buy one get one offers
  • For each Full price item you select you can select a discounted item from the same collection
  • If you still have any questions feel free to email, call or click the live chat window