Free Dabbing Gear

Unhappy With Not Having Any Dabbing Gear?

Here’s How You Can Get Some EXTRA Dabbing Accessories and Turn Your Waterpipe From a Dust-Collector Into a Dabrig

Are you sick of seshing day in and day out to and not getting the results you’re trying for?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had one or a dozen sessions, ask anyone and they’ll tell you that regular sessions just aren’t delivering the impact it once did. And if you’re a medical patient or enthusiast…you’re likely feeling less.

And you’re not alone…

FACT: 90% of Your Peers Have Tried Dabbing or Are Dabbing

And this 90% figure isn’t something we made up… We conducted a survey with over 200 of your peers to find out if they have tried dabbing or not.

That’s right…according to our survey’s data, on average 94% of your peers have tried dabbing!

Now do you see why dabbing is paying off and will save you money?

And this is completely intentional!!

You didn’t do anything wrong…

Now that Dabbing is more widely accepted, you need to start making the change and saving your hard earned cash. 

Enter Adapterrlman’s “Dabbing Giveaway”

Now, if you want to get yourself some dabbing gear …it’s going to cost you.

(But don’t worry…as you’ll soon see, it doesn’t cost very much and if you do it right you can actually get more gear TODAY than you could back when dabbing first started)

So how do you get access to these dabbing accessories?

Is there “catch” that will get you these dabbing tools that you deserve?

There isn’t and that’s exactly what this page is all about…

The Ultimate Dabbing Starter Packages

We have created dozens of dabbing nail designs (both for our own company and for other brands) so when the “90% of your peers were dabbing already” we knew we had to come up with a solution.

So rather than panic, we got to work…

In addition to testing hundreds of our own products, we also consulted with several subject-matter experts and then we came up with the ideal solution for getting you the most dabbing gear while not spending a lot.

When we were finished, we came up with a simple, easy-to-use starting package “Dab n Grab Mystery Kits” that incorporated all our best designs.

Here’s a sampling of what’s covered in this Grab Bag of dabbing goodies…

  • Guaranteed to get your water pipe dab rig ready with what’s inside …

  • This Grab N Dab goodie bag takes all the guess work out and you can get dabbing right away once it arrives.

  • The types of items can range from dab nails to electronic pen attachments.

  • Now you can get WAY more bang for your buck with one of these grab bags as they contain on average $30 worth of accessories.

  • This grab bag is primed and ready to get you dabbing today no regardless of what glass apparatus you own…

  • The sneaky and affordable way to get started with dabbing and surprise your friends with your new setup.

Personally, I wouldn’t get this Grab N Dab Bag without having a water pipe or a pen for using e-liquid’s and this is especially true if you’re doing this as a gift idea for someone (i.e a friend or family member).

I mean it…

Don’t Grab this Grab Bag until your sure you have the proper equipment already

Have you ever heard the expression: “The cart before the horse?”

The same applies here!

At, we’ve already done all the research and hard work and figured out what works and what doesn’t. We are always getting samples from other companies, and believe me, we’ve made some mistakes and “got burned” a few times along the way…

…and we do use this stuff for a living!!

That’s why we’re so careful to test WHAT WORKS and made an easy-to-use Grab Bag so everyone who wants to start Dabbing can easily get started with any glass apparatus they already own.

In the past these Dabbing Accessories were incredibly expensive, but now I’m making a select few available for you to get at a fraction of the cost. (You’ll see why in just a bit.)

So now you don’t have to go without dabbing!

Normally these Dabbing Accessories sell for $15 - $30 each, but for a very limited time, I’ll let you grab one of these Grab N Dab Bags for only $9.95 to cover shipping and handling costs


Literally, you can have one of those fancy coffees at Starbucks or you can:

  • Become a hero at your friends’ by being the guy (or gal) who FINALLY makes the steps to turn your water pipe into a dab rig for you and all your friends to use.

  • Save time and money when you go to have a dabbing session as it’s much faster to finish a session sometimes as fast as 1 minute.

  • This grab bag will get you dabbing the right way so you can avoid looking like a newbie and be the expert to your friends.

  • Go from dozens of sessions to literally ONE or two sessions to get the results you would like.

  • Convert your friends into dabbers, and have them join the dabbing community with you...


The choice is yours... Click the “Add To Cart” button and start dabbing this week from Adapterrlman

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s a Dab N Grab Bag?

It’s not quite a complete setup for dabbing and it’s definitely not just an ordinary dab kit…

…a Dab N Grab Bag is more like a “dabbing starter kit on steroids”

Here's how it works:

In the last 36 months my team and I have:

  • Invested over $100,000 (of our own money) on dabbing gear…
  • Generated tens of thousands of happy dabbers…
  • Used well over several ounces of cannabis oils…
  • Ran dab buses in Colorado where we have dabbed out 1000’s of people personally using our products…

…all through our own, company.

And along the way we have ended up with a large number of awesome items and overstock. More importantly, like any good company, we DECIDED to give away some of these great accessories so we can get everyone dabbing and join the dabbing community.

They’re all meat and no fluff. If you want a dab rig and complete setup, go check out one of our other product pages. Our Grab Bags are all about getting dabbing as quickly as possible.

Why $9.95?

If you’re thinking “$9.95 is cheap…what’s the catch?” then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:

  1. $9.95 puts this Grab N Dab within the reach of everyone…from those on a tight budget to those with an endless budget. (And at $9.95, you shouldn’t have to ask the wifey or girlfriend for purchase permission.) J
  2. It weeds out the freebie-seekers. We only want serious dabber who take action, and in our experience, charging anything…even if it’s just $1…gets rid of 99% of the wookies (not Chewbacca).
  3. We decided and $9.95 is the best. (Hey, we’re all dabbers here so why not tell it like it is?)

We also believe that once you experience dabbing the right way you’ll want more and maybe…just maybe…you’ll come back, buy more and possible even upgrade to other accessories, where you get to select what types of dabbing gear you want. 

But that’s it…

No fine print…no “hidden trials”…no shenanigans. Just the dabbing gear you need to work with your water pipes.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes…we guarantee this grab bag contains everything you need to turn any water pipe in to  dab rig or re-vitialzie your dab rig with missing parts. 

We don't offer refunds on our Grab Bags as they are a grab bag that's part of the fun you don't know what you'll get. But we can say you have a 1% chance of getting a Dabburyegg in your grab bag with a matching carb cap.

How long will it take to my Grab N Dab Bag?

3 – 5 Days.

Your user login and account will be created on our website immediately so you can track the progress of your order

Go ahead and click the banner image below to claim your Grab-N-Dab Bag today!

Check out some of our customer testimonials about the grab bags below!

I was extremely happy with the quality of the glass pieces. I use the e-Bob daily and i do recommend your website to friends now just because of all the effort you put into it. Thank you. – Ian g
Solid deal, totally happy with my grab bags. These guys are pretty awesome and helpful. Loved my gear and looking to get more. – Blaize

Definitely A Great Buy, This package does really come with everything you’ll need to get started right away (if you already own a water pipe). Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to actually try out the products (as I have no oil/wax), but as far as I can tell everything sent out was very high quality stuff. I definitely plan to order again for my second water pipe I will be getting. I’m very satisfied with my order, I give Adapterrlman a 5/5 with 2 thumbs up, and would HIGHLY recommend anyone who wants to start dabbing to order a grab bag. –Chris

This grab bag is amazing it comes with everything you need to get started on dabbing. Even if you already have everything to dab with this grab bag includes some awesome items that would come in handy for your next sesh. This grab bag is worth every penny so grab yours and join us for some dabs. – Mark h


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