Build Your Own Bumble Rig Package (Banger, Dabburyegg, Honeybucket)
  • Are you tired of breaking your glass dab rigs or maybe it's not you and one of your friends who's constantly breaking your rigs.
  • Have you ever wanted to take your dab rig with you somewhere but afraid it wasn't durable enough or worse got broken in transit to the destination?
  • Do you ever wish you could just reach inside your rig to grab out the reclaim build up and not ruin it with a cleaner or other solvents ?
  • If you said yes to any of these then we may have just the dab rig your looking for it's completely brand new design.
  • This Dab Rig is made entirely from Silicone the same silicone you use for your dabbing mat or dabbing container. 
  • What makes our silicone dab rig different is you DO NOT need a downstem and it's compatible with 14mm and 18mm Male Glass Fittings. So it doesn't matter what size your dab nail it will work with out dab rig.
  • This dab rig also features a screen in the top tube to hold ice to help cool your vapors as they pass by
  • One of the coolest features if you can open it at the large chamber so you can actually get to your reclaim build up and get everything out easily. 
New Feature Your Bumble Rig will Glow In The Dark !!! 

Choose from the following Dab nails and we'll pair it with a matching carb cap:

Quartz Dabburyegg
Quartz Dabburyegg-XL
Quartz Banger
Quartz 4mm Banger
Quartz Honeybucket
Quartz Dab Straw
$ 179.97 $ 89.99