Low Temperature Dabbing with Carb Caps

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Low-Temperature Dabbing With Carb Caps

When it comes to dabbing, a lot of people vouch for the usual setup of a dome and a nail. However, the problem with this type of setup is that you need to drop your concentrate on the nail when it is red hot. When you do that, you run the risk of not utilizing all the oil. This is because, as the nail cools down, a lot of oil can will not reach the correct temperature and will not vaporize. Using this dabbing technique also means you have to smoke faster, since the oil will burn very fast.

A good alternative to this is low-temperature dabbing, which can be achieved with a domeless nail and a carb cap. Basically, the idea with low-temperature dabbing is to cover the source of the heat with a carb cap, thus creating a convection-like effect. By covering the source of the heat, you effectively trap the heat inside. Thus, more concentrate has the chance to vape than otherwise.

How Is Low-Temperature Dabbing Done?

Carb caps made from titanium or quartz are preferred, since they are more durable and offer better benefits. For low-temperature dabbing to work, you need to heat the nail until it is red hot, then wait for around 10 seconds. Afterwards, dab the nail, stir it and immediately cover it with a carb cap. Air will then be able to pass through the holes punctured into the carb cap. Some carb caps have only one hole, while others have multiple holes, although there is no one rule on what kind of carb cap is best for you. Your oil and the type of nail you are using are also important factors. They will determine how long you need to wait before you drop the dab. Thus, a little bit of practice and experimentation is advised for optimum low-temperature dabbing.

Why Go the Low-Temperature Dabbing Route at All?

From the sound of it, the process sounds a little tedious. You need to figure out the correct temperature at which to dab the nail, as well as pick the right carb caps. However, a little patience can produce great results. For instance, low-temperature dabbing can help you save a lot of money on your concentrate. With high-temperature dabbing, some wax can sit on the nail for too long without being vaporized. Eventually, this wax does not vaporize in your rig, and instead vaporizes off the nail directly. In contrast, a carb cap can create a seal around the nail. Thus, even if your concentrate is slow to burn, it won't escape your rig.

Even more importantly, low-temperature dabbing with carb caps can enhance the flavor manifold. Most concentrates tend to release a lot more terpenes at lower temperatures, which can give you a better hit. In addition to that, you get a more consistent flavor, too. Often, wax can burn unevenly, making your experience less pleasurable.

However, holes in a carb cap can create a vortex effect around the nail. The vortex effect helps in spreading the concentrate evenly on the nail, which helps it vape more evenly.

While those benefits of low-temperature dabbing with carb caps are well documented, some dabbers also report more intense, prolonged highs, although that will vary between people. Nevertheless, if you have been dabbing the usual way all along, maybe you should give carb caps a try. They are worth the effort.

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