Hey! Dave here from Adapterrlman and today we are going to continue our blog series of “Everything you need to know about dabbing”. I'm currently debating on changing the blog series name to How to Start Dabbing. Not entirely sure yet. So in today's post I am going to continue where I left off. So far, I've covered the basics of what a dab is, some dab rig features, and some of the dab nails available. Today I'm going to discuss dabbers, also referred to as dab wands, dab sticks, dab tools and I'm sure there are plenty more. We will also discuss carb caps. I will also discuss the different silicone products available such as containers, mats and other miscellaneous silicone products. If you missed the last post where we covered dab nails, you can click here to check it out, and if you just jumped in you may want to click here to start at the beginning of this blog series. 

Dabbing Tools

There are lots of dabbing tools available in the market today ranging from stainless steel, to silicone and plenty of others. We are going to cover the most basic dabbers available as there are literally hundreds or even thousands of possibilities when it comes to using something for a dabber tool. Hell, I've had to use my keys before from my car although not highly recommended but when you gotta dab sometimes you gotta dab.  

Stainless Steel Dabber
  • One of the most cost effective dabbing tools in the market and also safe to use for health conscious people.

  • Usually equipped with two ends so you can work with multiple types of oils easily.

  • Made from 440 stainless steel so it will unlikely break even from the most aggressive wear and tear. 

Titanium Dabber
  • One of the safest metal style dabbing tools to use and does not release any toxic fumes or gases even when super heated.
  • Comes with a scoop and ball point end to work with multiple types of oils
  • Nearly indestructible  
Glass Dabber
  • Will give you the cleanest of flavors being made from borosilicate. 
  • The most unique out of all dabber types because a glass blower can create virtually anything your imagination desires 
  • Commons ones will include a flat edge to help cap over your dab nail to help intensify your session.


Carb Caps

What is a carb cap? That’s a great question as a lot of people ask that every day. A carb cap is used for low temperature dabbing, you use this accessory to cover the dab nail dish. Using a carb cap adds some extra benefits and we will discuss how to do this technique in detail in the last section of this blog series. The added benefits are using a lower temperatures which give you better flavors and a stronger effect when using your oils. You also can use less oils with each session because the capped nail head becomes that much more efficient during your session.

Titanium Carb Cap
  • Titanium carb caps are machined to match exactly with its counter part dab nail creating a great seal when dabbing.
  • Most titanium carb caps have a built in dabbing tool so you can use one side to dab and the other to cap your
  • nail head simplifying the process.
Quartz Carb Cap
  • Every quartz dab nail will have a matching carb cap made from quartz giving you a more intense session.
  • You will be able to use lower temps which gives you better flavors and a more intense effect while using less of your oils.
  • Many have a dabber attached to the other end giving you an all-in-one dabbing solution for a dabber tool and cap.


Silicone Accessories

Silicone has really changed the dabbing markets when they came around starting with just a simple container to help you keep your oils safe from outside containments like dust, dirt and pocket fuzz to entire dab rigs made from silicone entirely. They have mats for your table, they have mats that are matched to line Pyrex glass bakeware to help with the extraction processes. Don't worry though because all the silicone used is the same silicone that is used in bake wares like a silicon spatula. It's all BPA free and food grade certified so you don't have to worry about any toxins from using silicone products.

  • Containers can come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They are great for keeping your oils safe from outside contaminants and keeping your oils fresher longer.

  • They can be frozen, heated in a microwave and are dishwasher safe so you can keep them clean for your next oil batch. 

  • Pocket sized are most convenient as it allows you to travel and keep a sizable amount of oils.
  • Help keep your desk or table top sticky free from oil drops and other reclaim build up.
  • Can be used to store large oil slabs in your freezer safely.
  • Regardless of how gooey or sticky your oil may be, it will never stick to this mat and will allow you to get every last drop.


Alright, and this will conclude today’s post for our blog series “Everything you need to know about dabbing”. Tomorrow we will release the final part of this series where we will cover proper dabbing techniques, low dabbing technique, and some other useful slang terms to be familiar with. We want to thank you for reading this so far and check back tomorrow for our final post.