Dabbing 101: What You Need to Know

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While cannabis concentrates are widely talked about and used, most people are familiar with the more common extracts, such as hash and kief. But recently, cannabis oil has been growing in popularity. Cannabis concentrate in this form is more potent than usual.

When the concentrate is in oil form, its scent, taste and even effects are greatly magnified. And the act of “dabbing” is one way to get a great hit every time.

 What Is Dabbing?

 In simple terms, a “dab” is a tiny bit of concentrated cannabis extract. When someone says they are “taking a dab” or “dabbing,” they are literally touching or dabbing a bit of this extract on a hot surface to vaporize it. Usually, that heat source is a nail. It could be a titanium nail, quartz, ceramic or glass nail. Dabbing produces the vapor, which you can then inhale.

 The three main solvents used in marijuana extracts are butane, CO2 and isopropyl alcohol. When refined, they produce either shatter, budder or oil — the three main types of concentrates. By vaporizing cannabis, you eliminate any harmful plant matter, making the whole process safe when done properly.

 What Is the Proper Way to Dab?

 Usually, you would have a bong with a twist or glass bubbler, sometimes called a rig, a heating plate such as a skillet or dab nail, and a handheld torch for heating. Use a pair of tongs to be sure you don’t burn yourself when seasoning your nail. Heat the nail head — it should turn a golden red color when it is hot enough (except the ceramic nails), and then apply wax to the head.

 After heating with the torch, dab your cannabis concentrate onto your nail, and inhale at the same time.

Which Type of Nail Is Best?

Glass, ceramic, titanium or quartz? With a dome or without? Many wonder about the right tools to choose when dabbing. Let’s take a closer look at the nail options:

 Glass Nail

 The most common nails are made of glass, but they have a chance of breaking after about three months. They are also the most affordable.

 Titanium Dab Nail

 On the other hand, titanium domeless nails are optimal for a sturdier and longer life span. One upside to titanium nails is that they heat quickly. The best-quality ones should be Grade 1 or Grade 2 titanium.

 Quartz Nail

 Quartz nails are also popular and a bit less costly than titanium. Many people prefer quartz nails. Just be aware that they take more time to heat up and don’t stay hot as long.

 Ceramic Nail

 Ceramic nails will give you a clean-tasting hit, and they hold their heat for extended periods of time. The only tricky thing is guessing when it’s still hot, so beware! Because they risk breakage or cracking, be sure to heat your ceramic nail slowly, in a circular motion.

 Dome or Domeless?

 You can dab on a rig with a dome or without a dome. A dome is made of glass and fits over the stem of the rig. It traps the smoke, allowing it to flow back directly down through the pipe. Raising or lowering the head depends on your dome and how it fits. Domes, often made of glass, look like pretty pieces of art!

 Domeless nails are made to slide right over the head of the stem. Their bodies are wider in shape. The ceramic type are sturdier but increase the chance of burning yourself when touching the nail. If you are a beginner, it's best to start with a dome for safety.

 Isn’t It Dangerous to Dab?

Dabbing for medical use is becoming more common. Although it may appear to look dangerous because of the torch, the risk is similar to cooking with a gas stove. Know what you are doing and take proper precautions when using an open-flame torch to eliminate risks or danger.

How to Clean Your Nail

After dabbing, you want to make sure your nail is clean of leftover residue. You can achieve this by heating it again with the torch and then simply wiping with an alcohol-infused cloth. Do this after every session to get the longest life out of your nails — no matter which kind you have.

Benefits of Dabbing

Dabbing is a good choice for those who would rather not smoke cannabis but enjoy the vapor and sensation of a good hit. Another way to take proper precautions is to ensure you do your dabbing in a room that has good ventilation. You want the air to flow as freely as possible. Plus, butane gas is, in fact, flammable.

Many medical marijuana patients have benefited greatly from dabbing cannabis concentrates. Some have used it to treat depression and other ailments, improving their overall quality of life and daily routine.

 Dabbing as an alternative to smoking is also tasty and flavorful. If it is your first time to experience this amazing sensation, make sure you have all the right tools at your disposal! Check our shop listings for everything you need.

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