We use glass everyday for common things such as pouring out orange juice or having a drink of water but do you know how glass is made? There are a number of ways that glass is made and one of these is hand blowing. Glass blowing is the art of manipulating molten glass to create glass sculpture. This art started in the Middle East as far back as the year 300 BC. Today there are plenty of glass products available. If you use glass products for stimulation or entertainment, then you probably use plenty of glass products. You can checkout our website at and see our fine collection of glass products.

The first step you need to take is to gather molten glass using a blow pipe or a hollow steel pipe. The next step is simply to shape your glass. You simply carry the molten glass to a steel table and get busy. You can shape the molten glass to any shape of choice. Then blow into the pipe and seal the blow hole to keep the air and pressure in. If you can perfect this technique, soon you will become a master glass blower.

You may probably not be aware but there are different kinds of glass. Examples of these include borosilicate glass, scientific glass and soft glass. Borosilicate glass is made up of boron trioxide and silica as the main glass constituents. Then there are other advanced methods of making glass items such as scientific glass blowing. This is a technique used to produce glass in various industries such as the chemical industry, pharmaceutical, physics and electronics. Using this advanced technique, you can get products such as thermometers and even the Dab rig that you love to use.

Now, did you know that there is hard glass and soft glass? Well, now you do. Hard glass is glass such as borosilicate glass which consists of silica and boron trioxide. However, soft glass is made from soda-lime and is also referred to as soda-lime glass. Now that you know a lot more about glass and how it is made, why not check out our website at and check out the kind of products found here. We have a wide variety of glass and non-glass products that you like. They include water pipes, oilrigs, adapters and nails. We help you preserve your old equipment by providing you with a wide variety of high quality products and accessories. Go on, check us out and I can almost guarantee you will find what you need there.