How to keep your quartz dab nail clean How to keep your quartz dab nail clean

Hey it's Dave over at Adapterrlman and in this weeks blog post I was going to cover a topic that many of you have been asking about. How to keep your quartz nail looking brand new. So today i'm going to go over some good practice tips to help improve your next session with some of these care tips.

Q-tip tech

What's required
  • Q-tips from anywhere
  • 90%+ Rubbing Alcohol
  • Torch
  • Some time and Patience 

The Technique

  • Dip the q-tip swab in to the rubbing alcohol
  • Swab the quartz dab nail dish throughly with the q-tip remove all build up leave nothing behind as this causes your quartz to deteriorate quicker
  • Using the dry swab on the q-tip wipe any access alcohol from the dab nail
  • Gently Apply heat to the quartz nail and blow through the joint to blow any vapors out of the dab nail
  • Enjoy your clean dab nail


This technique is the most time consuming but will keep your quartz dab nail looking brand new. If you do this technique every time between each and every dab your quartz nail will always give you the best flavors and never show any wear and tear. One note for when getting q-tips make sure they are sturdy and do not bend easily 

Alcohol & Sea Salt Soak

Whats required

  • 90%+ Rubbing Alcohol
  • Coarse and Fine Sea Salt (just one of them is fine)
  • Dish with locking lid or ziplock baggie
  • Time and Patience 

The Technique

  • Add sea salt and rubbing alcohol to your dish or ziplock
  • Add your quartz dab nail to the mixture
  • Let soak for 5 mins to 24 hours (depending on build up)
  • Rinse throughly with hot/warm water
  • Follow with the Q-Tip Tech Technique listed above

Less recommended technique below

Physical removal

Whats Required

  • Torch
  • Metal Dabber tool

The Technique

  • Heat the nail head to bright orange
  • Scrape out grey ashes as they burn up
  • Repeat until all build up is burnt away
  • Follow with Alcohol soak and q-tip tech techniques

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  • Facts use this every time is a must to keep your banger good and those terps tasty

    Patrick Cormier on

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