Learn how to size your waterpipe in 70-seconds

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  • Even for all my years of learning about glass and from the low scale of what I kinda do but as gifts to close friends that was very informative for me as 31 year old who has similar passion as you taught me something and even had my gf watch it as well Thanks again adapterMan lol

    Colin Cameron on

  • I thought this was a very simple, but accurate video. Thanks for the quick-tip.

    Ben on

  • Thank you it was very helpful I got plenty of pieces that might need new holders

    Isaac on

  • Most of my rigs are 14mm male but i have a few that are 16 mm males n females n they range from fore inchs to three footers ,,, peace n smiles

    Mark 420 Hall on

  • That was very informative and easy to learn. Thanks for the quick tip.

    Donald Hipolito on

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