You've been wanting your own Nectar Collector. You've heard about how they're great for smoking concentrates. You may have enjoyed one with friends. And there is no denying, the Nectar Collector is one of the coolest things out there right now.

But after doing a little research, you are concerned with some of the problems with owning a Nectar Collector. After all, this innovation is completely different from everything else.

First of all, you have to buy a special glass bong and dab rig just to use the nectar tips. All this costs a lot of money. It's hard to justify the big expenditure when you already have a sizable investment in quality bongs and water pipes. They serve you pretty well, so what's the point in spending all that cash on a Nectar Collector setup.

It's also true that a Nectar Collector isn't compatible with other glass water pipes and dab rigs. It's a completely different device that is totally proprietary. It's also important to note the Nectar Collector requires a special stand to hold it when not in use. The stands aren't cheap.

Finally, Nectar Collectors are really awkward to hold. Many people wind up dropping them. And that's never good.

But before you walk away dejecting figuring a Nectar Collector will only be in your future if you win the lottery, listen to this new development.

Adapterrl Man has created the brilliant new Dabbing Straw. It's the smart person's way of getting a much more reliable nectar collector at a far more affordable price.

The dabbing straw converts any dab rig or water pipe into a usable nectar collector style device. That's right, use what you already own to get the same effect as an expensive Nectar Collector. There is no need to go buy another pipe. You can also use the dabbing straw dry with some glass adapter attachments. 

With the dabbing straw you don't need a stand. Water pipes and dab rigs are designed with bases to naturally sit upright on their own. That's right. You don't have to worry about a Nectar Collector tipping over and getting water all over your place.

And unlike your buddy who dropped his clumsy Nectar Collector and watched in horror as it shattered on his concrete floor, waterpipes and dab rigs are extremely easy to hold. You certainly won't get a sore hand holding them for a period of time.

Best of all, with the dabbing straw, you can very easily convert your favorite dab rig or water pipe into a high quality nectar collector. The bottom line? You're just a dabbing straw away from massive vapor sessions and aroma therapy.

Get your dabbing straw while we have them in stock. This is your affordable ticket to the very popular Nectar Collector craze. 


Dabbing Straw Starter Bundle

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