Well we made it the the fourth and final post of our blog series Everything you need to know about dabbing. In this final post we will cover the basic techniques for dabbing and also some more advanced ones as well, we will cover the different slang terms so you can be up to speed with your other peers who have already joined the dabbing community. 


There are plenty of terms used among dabbers and it can be quite confusing if you aren't up to speed on their lingo. If i were to ask you for some errl, or to go get me some slabs would you know what I'm talking about? Some of you may some of you may be scratching your head. Well they happen to be referring to the same thing just different terms that someone could say. Although when referring to a slab usually someone wants a larger amount of oils and not a small portion. Slab dabs are always fun when the occasion arises.

  • Dab, Errl, BHO, Honeycomb, Crumble, Oil, Snap, Sap, Wax or Live resin - are some more common terms referring to the concentrated cannabis oils usually using a solvent extraction process. They are also relative to they type of finished extract
  • Rosin - Refers to a solventless extraction method 
  • Slab - Referring to a large piece of concentrated oils
  • Slab Dab - When one directly uses the slab on the dab nail
  • Terpene or Terps - refers to the flavor you taste from using your oils

Basic Dabbing Techniques

I'll go over some basic dabbing techniques and etiquette so you can help conserve your oils and not look like a total newbie. First your going to want to make sure you have acquired all the proper dabbing gear. Depending on the type of nail you got the heating and cooling times will vary. What you want to do is to heat up the dab nail dish or head and also allow proper cooling time to make sure you don't destroy your oils. If the nail head is too hot you will destroy any medical benefits and also create a hot dab which can hurt. So lets make sure your first dab is an enjoyable one.

  1. You will want to heat the nail head to red hot with your torch, if you have a titanium or larger dish you only need to heat one edge of the dab dish red hot
  2. You will want to wait until the nail head changes from red to non red for a good majority of dab nail heads, but be warned if it's too hot still the oils will combust in to flames and not work properly 
  3. A good rule of thumb for new quartz or glass nails where you can't tell if it's red or not is to heat it up for about 30 seconds and then wait from anywhere to 17-40 seconds for it to cool off depending on the dab nail thickness and style. Go ahead and try different heat and cool off times to find what works best with your nail.
  4. Once you've waited the optimal time you will want to add your dabs to the nail head
  5. Cover with your carb cap
  6. Enjoy 


Advanced Dabbing (Low temp Dabbing)

  1. For this you will want to know the heating and cooling times for your dab nail
  2. After waiting the time that you have figured out you will want to wait a few more seconds to several seconds
  3. You will go ahead and add your dabs as you normally would to the dab dish
  4. You will want to place the cap over the dish and remove the cap from the dish and replace the cap back on the dish and remove it again. You have a On/Off fanning with the cap, this helps prevent the internal temp from getting to hot and also allows it to maintain its temperature longer for your oils
  5. When done properly you will really tastes the flavors of your oils

Alright and this finally concludes our mini series on "Everything you need to know about dabbing". Hopefully this has answered many questions for you and I'm sure it has also created many more. Don't worry we already have some detailed posts on some of these topics. Also feel free to send us a email or message letting us know what you think should be added.

Now i know some of you maybe wondering about the free stuff that I mentioned and of course I don't want to break my promise. So if you follow this link click here you will be taken to our page that has more information about how you can get yourself a easy setup for your glass apparatus. 

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