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Hey everyone! Dave here from adapterrlman. I'm glad you could make it back for the continuation of “Everything you need to know about dabbing”. In today's post I will pick up where we left off from yesterday. In yesterday's post, we covered the basics of “What is a dab” and some of the basic dab rigs you can get along with the different features they offer to you. Today, I'm going to cover dab nails. Again, we are not going to cover in detail about some of these items as this is meant to be your basic 101 course to help bring you up to speed with everything. In case you didn't read part one click here to check it out now

Dab Nails

You may ask yourself which dab nail is best? But really you should ask yourself which dab nail works best for you? Coming in a variety of materials, they can come in glass, quartz, ceramic and titanium each offering their own benefits for when you go to have a session with your pals.

Glass or Borosilicate dab nails are usually most commonly found with a dab rig already as a basic setup to allow you to use your new purchase when you get home. Don't expect your glass nail to last for more than a few weeks. The constant heating and cooling of the nail will cause micro fractures and eventually cause the glass nail head to break completely. This is usually why they are a freebie when you purchase your dab rig.

Ceramic dab nails are a popular material used for dab nails due to their heat retention properties and flavor qualities. If you’re looking to get the most from each dab, a ceramic nail may be a worthy choice for you, but be warned they can break from being dropped and many ceramic products flake and crack with daily use. A quality ceramic nail can last for several months or longer where a lower quality ceramic nail might only last for a couple of months before crumbling apart. If you’re looking to get some of the very best flavors, many say nothing compares to ceramic. Not to mention, it's possible to get multiple dabs from only heating it one time, thanks to the ceramic holding the heat for so long.

Quartz dab nails would be the most popular in the market. That would be thanks to the pure flavors you will get from each session. You can clean them so they always looks new and they DO NOT deteriorate from daily use. Well, at least not at a noticeable rate. A quality quartz nail can last a life time with proper care. Be careful becaue they can be broken if dropped but they are more durable than their borosilicate cousins. Many choose quartz due to accessibility and the many styles available in the market. Quartz is always a top contender when it comes to choosing a dab nail that will stand the trails of your daily use.

Titanium dab nails are one of the more popular dabbing accessories, thanks to their durability. I mean, heck, throw the thing at a wall, through someone’s window, hell, anything, it's a piece of titanium -you won't break it. Well unless you're using a hydraulic press or your just really trying to prove titanium isn't invincible. These are great if you have a clumsy friend who is constantly knocking over one of your glass fixtures or hey, maybe you’re the clumsy one with your glass, breaking the bowl pieces off regularly. If that sounds like you or someone you know, a titanium nail would be the way to go. Virtually indestructible and if made from grade 2 titanium, it will produce great flavors for your dabs once you've seasoned it properly with a few prior sessions. They, however, will eventually oxidize with heating and cooling but you can easily use a titanium dab nail for years and years without any notice of flavor or deterioration. 

Phew, that was quite a bit to cover. Next, we will discuss the types of dab nails available in the market along with some of the pro's and con's to each style to help you select which one would be best for you and your needs. You have your basic nails, domeless nails, dab straws, and honey buckets. Some of these dab nails also have subcategories as well.

 Basic Dab Nails: 

Non-Adjustable Nails

  • Typically they are made from ceramic, glass or quartz and chances are you got one with your first dab rig purchase
  • Very low cost way to get started with dabbing
  • They require a glass dome to create suction not wasting any of your dabs
  • The height is fixated for where it rests on a male glass joint requiring a properly matched dome


Adjustable Nails

  • These are made from ceramic or titanium. Chances are, one may have come with your dab rig
  • Another low cost method to get started in dabbing. They also have added durability, being made from titanium.
  • The center post contains a nut like component that allows you to adjust how high the nail head rests in your glass dome so you don't need a perfect match

Domeless Dab Nail:

Fixed Domeless Nail
  •  A domeless nail that has only one gender & size typically is made from quartz but sometimes can be titanium.
  • The exact sizes allow for perfect air tight seals with your dab rig or water pipe.
  • Usually the best bang for your buck. Upgrade option past your basic dab nails.


Universal Dab Nail

  • Universal nails are made from titanium due to the need for versatility. These nails are great if you have multiple rigs.
  • They typically work with multiple sizes and genders and also create a great air seal, thanks to precise machining.
  • You can use it on your rig or your friends and it doesn't break so you can take it anywhere
Honey bucket  
  • These are great for anyone who wants a unique dabbing experience. The swing arm is shielded by an outer glass dome giving an added layer of protection to your hand.
  • The swing arm is made from quartz, giving you amazing flavors and the ability to do low temp dabbing as an advanced technique.
  • The honey bucket itself is a self-contained unit so you won't need anything else and it's a great upgrade for the value.


  • These are a great dab nail for beginners, thanks to the sombrero shape, you can heat one side and use the opposite to help prevent burning your dabs and wasting them
  • The sombrero shape helps keep your dabs in the dish and the high center post ensures you get all of your dab.
  • You can pair this nail with a carb cap to help take a low temp dab which we will explain later in the blog series. This gives you maximum flavors from your concentrates.

  • These are a more advanced nail for a seasoned dabber who wants to have larger sessions.
  • The larger dish allows for maximum surface area allowing you to use a large amount of your oils
  • The larger dish allows for maximum surface area allowing you to use a large amount of your oils.
  • Made from quartz you can get amazing flavors and the dish size gives you the ability to take flavorful dabs.
  • Paired with a carb cap, you can really maximize your session with your friends next time around.
Banger 4mm Dish

  • These dab nails are for the most advanced users who are looking to really get long session with each heating.
  • These bangers include all the benefits mentioned above PLUS the added thickness to their dish allows you to use even more oils.
  • The added thickness will allow you to have multiple sessions from one heating or take the lowest of temp dabs.

  • These are a variation of a banger dish. They are shaped to look like a water trough where they have a wide horizontal dimension.
  • These dab nails allow you to use a massive amount of oils while not needing to overheat the nail head.
  • They work best when paired with a matching carb cap to help maintain temperature and great for doing large pieces of oil.
  • This is one of our favorites for obvious reasons as the design is an egg shape which is nature’s incubator so you can only imagine the heat retention inside.
  • The single point allows for an even heating of your oils when added to the nail and it really maximizes the flavors produced.
  • Can be used without a carb cap but is recommended as it helps with design function, letting you minimize the oil you need.
Dab Straw
  • These are great for anyone trying to dab quickly and effectively but are for the most advanced user otherwise you will have a lot of wasted oil.
  • You will have the least amount of waste using a dab straw but the tip must be heated, cooled and angled properly when using this accessory.
  • They can be attached to any of your current glass apparatuses and are a low cost upgrade from a basic nail.
  • They simplify the dabbing process by allowing you to only heat and dab, No need to separate on a dabber, use a carb cap or any other steps.
Vapor Stone

  • These are great for anyone who doesn't want to use a torch while using their oils. Yes, you can simply use a lighter.
  • Low cost upgrade from a basic dab nail. No torch required so you don't look extreme to your normal friends.
  • Very healthy way to consume your oils and very little waste is created.
Hybrid Quartz & Titanium

  • This is for anyone who needs a durable nail for the clumsy friend yet wants to get a pure quartz flavor.
  • The dabbing dish is made from quartz, allowing you to take low temp dabs and get maximize flavors.
  • The dish head is replaceable so if it gets dirty or broken you can easily replace it.


Ok, well, that concludes this part of our "Everything you need to know about dabbing". This is kind of funny actually because I originally planned this to be a two part series but it turns out there is a lot more content that I need to cover so this will actually be a 4 or possibly a 5 part series when it's complete. We will have the next update on Monday actually so check back soon!


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