Hey! Dave here from adapterrlman and in today's blog post I’m going to talk about the different dabbing accessories available to you. We are going to cover what a dab is itself, basic dab rigs, dabbing nails, dabbing wands, silicone products and how to use some of these great accessories. This article will not discuss the different types of glass fittings, sizes, genders, angles, and percolators available in different rigs or other glass apparatuses. It will also not discuss in detail how to extract your own dabs. We are actually going to make this a four part post due to the amount of content we have to cover.

What is a dab?

Let’s cover what a dab is first, for those of you who are complete newcomers. A dab is extracted Cannabis oils used by medical patients to help alleviate different medical conditions from Glaucoma and Seizures to Cancer, not to mention several dozen other conditions and that list continues to grow for what aliments it can help cure. Dabs specifically refer to the way the oils were extracted from the plant matter. Usually butane is used in this process and then there are many different ways to remove the solvents used, giving the patients a very clean end product. Some other methods used to extract out the oils include using a CO2 extraction method, also known as supercritical extraction, or the new fast growing method that is 100% solvent-less known as Rosin. With Rosin, they simply take a flower from the cannabis plant and apply heat and pressure to literally ooze out the cannabis oils giving you a very pure and clean end product.

Next we will discuss some of the different dab rigs available and the benefits each style has to help you make a decision when selecting your first rig or if you’re adding a new one to the collection. 

Which dab rig is best for me?

This is a much tougher question to answer due to many variables and also your own personal preference. Larger apparatuses aren't the best for taking dabs as it takes away from the flavors. You really want something that is 12" or smaller for the most part BUT it doesn't mean you can't use that good ole 3 footer sitting in the closet.

Some things to take in to consideration whether you’re choosing your first or adding to your sizable collection of rigs.

You may want to ask the following questions.

  • How is your lung capacity, do you have a hard time sucking through a lot of water? Something that helps reduce pull on different percolators.
  • How big would you like it to be? Are you trying to keep things to a minimum and tucked away in your sock drawer or do you want an awesome center piece for your coffee table? 
  • Are you clumsy or do you have clumsy friends that come to a session often? You will want to take into consideration the material and durability of a rig when selecting
  • What colors do you like, maybe shapes or animals even? The possibilities are actually endless when it comes to choosing a dab rig. 

Micro Dab Rig


  • Micro Dab Rigs or Pendant rigs which are usually very tiny.
  • Most can fit in your pocket, small purse or easy to keep hidden for when you have unfriendly guests over
  • Many of them can be attached to a necklace for easy traveling at an event.
  • Many prefer micro rigs due to their small size and the flavors from a rig of this size.

Side Car Dab Rigs

  • A side car dab rig is when the mouth piece is welded to the side of the main rig chamber.
  • The main chamber itself can be a multitude of percolators inside from a natural to in-cycler honeycombs.
  • This gives you a slightly better view when working with your oils.
  • They can be made for left or right handed people depending on which side they weld the mouth piece tube.
Art Deco Dab Rig

Dab Rigs

  • Your standard dab rig can really be just about any water apparatus that has a female or male glass fitting/joint.

  • You just need the proper adapter or accessory to make it dab-ready.

  • They can come in various shapes, heights, sizes and colors. When selecting a rig, it's really a matter of personal preference.

  • You also aren't limited to glass for dab rigs. You can also choose from ceramic and acrylic.

Unique or Custom Rigs

  • Then, of course, you always have your unique or custom dab rigs where you won't likely run in to anyone else with the same one.

  • These are American made almost 99% of the time and are made for custom order for those who are looking for something extra special.

  • Sometimes the dab rig can be a small production run by a glass artist who only made 50 pieces or less with their signature and number for authenticity

  • Maybe a dolphin, Oscar the grouch, or robot, I mean the possibilities are endless for a custom designs. It's only YOUR imagination that limits what you will get.

  • Be ready to also dish out some hard earned cash to get one of these masterpieces of functional art in your collection.

Remember this only touches the surface of types of glass apparatuses, features and what's available to you. This will conclude our entry for today as it's a bit longer than the usual blog post but stay tuned because the second part that will be released tomorrow.


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