Dabbing on the go

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We've had several of you ask about portable dabbing solutions or ways to dab on the go, so we've complied a short list of some great products that will really help you with dabbing on the go.

5) Micro Rigs / Pendant Rigs 

These are a great way to have a dab rig on the go with you they are usually small enough to fit in your pocket and a lot of times they have a loop attached so you can easily attach it to a necklace or any lanyard. They can come in a whole varieties of shapes, colors, and material it's made from. Most micro rigs are made from borosilicate glass, but there are others made from quartz as well, always a new trending product is the silicone dab rigs for easy on the go dabbing while never having to worrying about breaking your rig. If your looking for an easy way to dab on the go grabbing yourself a micro rig / pendant rig maybe just what your looking for. You can check out out 100% quartz portable dab rig with built in banger dish just click here.

4) Vapor Stones

Vapor stones are an amazing way to dab on the go, these versatile vapor stones will even work with regular lighters incase you aren't traveling with a torch and nail. The best part is they do make a handheld vapor stones for those of you her prefer a glass spoon or steamroller style apparatus. Vapor stones are also though of as a much healthier way to enjoy your session and it also doesn't draw the attention when using your lighter vs. a blow torch to get your oils going. Click here to view our dual sided vapor stone

3) Dabbing Straws

Dabbing straws are great on the go dabbing accessories as they cut down the dabbing process from 4 steps or more to just heat and enjoy your session. You only need a torch to heat the tip which only takes a few seconds and it's ready to be used with your dabs. It's a great on the go method for anyone who already posses a portable dab rig. You don't have to fumble with a dabber, carb cap, nail and your container, You can just easily stick the straw in and have a grand experience. You can check out our dabbing straws by clicking here. 

2) Vapor Pens

Vapor Pens are a very popular way to dab on the go, there are dozens of variations of pens to choose. From colors, battery strength, cartridge attachment type, voltage, charger port and the list goes on and on. Essentially it will come down to choosing the pen that you think would best suit your needs heck you can even build your own custom pen from buying just the pieces. What makes pens great is they are incredibly tiny slightly bigger than a pen. You can take them just about anywhere without getting noticed. They usually do not have a strong aroma so it's easy to use in crowded public areas without detection. Click here for our 4 in 1 E pen recommendation

1) Portable Enails

Portable Enails are probably one of the best ways for dabbing on the go. They do not require a torch, just the battery for a power source. What makes these at the top of the list is they have the ability to deliver a full dab with out the use of a torch leaving you satisfied. Another great feature with these portable enails is they have water cooling glass chambers with a percolator of some sort usually a basic slitted percolator or shower head. Plus you can switch the dab nail head to any 3 materials so you can always get your favorite flavor. Pick from ceramic, quartz or titanium when getting ready to start your session. Click here for our Portable Enail Recommendation

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