• Have you ever been frustrated with needing to grab a new dab nail or bowl head every time you get your self a new dab rig or other apparatus.
  • Tired of having your favorite rig but the wrong size dab nail because you recently broke the dab nail for your apparatus
  • Maybe you have a large collection and would like to try all of your different pieces but don't want to grab a new dabbing nail  every time? 
  • Do you have 3 or 4 of the same dab nails just to work with all your glass configurations?

If any of this sounds like you then the Right Fit Kit (RFK) maybe just for you. This bundled glass adapter kit gives you everything you need to make your dab nails work with virtual any glass water pipe in the market. If allows you to take any of your existing glass pieces and attach them to any of your favorite dabbing accessories or bowl heads. 

You maybe wondering how exactly can the RKF bundle do this for you? 

  1. This bundle contains 5 of the most common needed glass adapters for changing the size or gender of your glass apparatus making your glass collection become 3x as versatile for dabbing.

  2. You will get two of the most common reducing glass adapters that you can use for making your glass apparatus smaller for any female glass fitting. They are a low profile reducer so it will keep your female glass fitting flush with your pipe not increasing the height much. These reducers can also be used to enlarge a male glass fitting giving your glass pieces even more options. 

  3. You'll get three enlargement glass adapters, you can use these adapters to increase the size of any female glass fitting allowing you to fit a larger accessory of yours in to your favorite micro rig or any other apparatus. You can also reduce the size of any male glass fitting by using these adapters upside down.

  4. These five glass adapters will give you so much versatility in your glass collection you'll never have to buy more than one dabbing accessory again to make it work with EVERY glass apparatus in your collection, no more needing duplicates and wasting extra cash on the same accessory. 

  5. You will also be able to use any of your buddies dab nails or other accessories with any of your glass pieces or take your favorite nail over to their house and use it on your buddies favorite glass pipe.

  6. You will save yourself a lot of cash with this RFK bundle over the course of the next few years, just imagine all the extra oils you can get with those savings! 

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RFK Bundle

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