5 Sure Ways to Elevate Your Smoking Session

In this article, you will learn the top five things you can do for better dabbing pleasure.

1. Know Your Options: The 3 Types of Bongs

Basic bongs can be classified into three types of bodies: straight, angled or customized.

Straight bongs are the most commonly used -- the typical bong that still gives you a great smoking session. Angled bongs become a little more artistic, and the glass bodies are manufactured to distinct designs. The last type, the customized waterpipe, enables the smoke to travel at an increased distance. Plus, you can enjoy hot or icy-cold sessions. These are real works of art!

Standard bongs and pipes may be easy or convenient, but the best-quality dab rigs and oil rigs are handcrafted especially for comfort and a better flavor and experience.

2. Stay Safe: Choose Domeless Nails

Many ask about the danger of using hot surfaces for dabbing. If you have the right tools and accessories, you don't have to worry too much about heat or even burn marks. Domeless nails, such as the domeless nail dual gender side arm edition, help to keep your hands heat free. We have domeless nails in various sizes, including 10mm sizes and 4-millimeter extra thick dish domeless nails, giving you a large selection for your dab rigs and waterpipes.

3. Get Comfortable: Specially Designed Waterpipes and Kits

For determining your personal preference of a bong, take into account the size and shape you need for comfort at home. This is because different waterpipes offer different experiences. Our handmade waterpipes have ergonomic designs for easier handling. A good fit in the palm of your hand means a better vapor session. All of our dab rigs and waterpipes have been designed to maximize your smoke sessions. 

4. Choose High-Quality Accessories: Dab Rigs and Downstems

It's wise to not sacrifice quality. While there are many types of glass waterpipes, you can enhance your session using one that is a superior design.

The Adapterrlman Faberge egg recycler dab rig includes a percolator to dilute and chill the smoke through filtration for a more flavorful experience. Then, after lighting up, you want to make sure you can easily extract the smoke. And for this, you need premium glass downstems. Downstems provide a simple way to connect your pipe to the marijuana bowl. Consider a downstem made of sturdy borosilicate glass for long-lasting wear. You can find downstems made with robust glass with female and male fittings in our collection.

5. Invest Wisely: Carb Caps

Want to experience a potent smoking session at a low temperature? Then consider investing in carb caps. These come made in varied materials, including ceramic, titanium and quartz. Adapterrlman's carb cap selection makes taking in tiny but potent amounts of marijuana possible. The carb cap quartz banger was designed specifically for banger quartz dab nails. 

Let's Recap

To ensure that your dabbing sessions are the best experience possible, know your options, stay safe, get comfortable with your personal preference and choose high-quality smoking accessories. Be willing to invest so that you don't sacrifice style or comfort: domeless nails for safety from heat and waterpipes for easier handling.

For all your needs and requirements, check out our immense collection of glass, quartz and titanium products. All are handmade by highly skilled workers to give you the best dabbing experience. Choose from high-quality dab rigs, durable downstems and "carb caps" or carburetors. You also get the chance to support local artisans in America, who happen to be the highest-quality manufacturers in the world. Find out more on the Adapterrlman online store.

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