Some people use standard marijuana pipes and bongs for dabbing. While this technically works, it's a sub-par experience that you can easily avoid. Instead of tolerating mediocre dabbing sessions, try these four inventive pipes for a better smoking experience.


Titanium Domeless Nails


Domeless nails make smoking easier because you can apply a lot of heat to the dabs. Titanium nails are particularly useful because they can withstand intense heat over extended periods of time. Plus, it only takes 15 to 20 seconds to get the titanium hot enough to smoke your dabs. If you're looking for a convenient pipe that will give you strong hits, you should get one with a titanium domeless nail. Of course, you can also purchase titanium nails separately and add them to compatible pipe stems.


Glass Reclaim Catchers


You know how it goes when you're heating dabs. Most of the oil turns to smoke that you can enjoy. Some of the oil, however, always seems to drip down into the pipe. That means you're losing oil while clogging your pipe stem. You obviously want to avoid this problem.


Glass reclaim catchers solve this problem by giving dripping oil a place to go. Most designs attach to your pipe's stem to give you a more sophisticated design. The top of the reclaim catcher has a spot where you can place your nail. The bottom has an empty area that looks like a test tube. When the heated oil starts to run, it drips into the empty chamber instead of flowing into the pipe stem.


Adapterrlman has a particularly useful model that fits 18mm waterpipes. It also comes with a glass nail, vapor dome and keck clip that holds the reclaim catcher vile in place. When the vile gets full, you detach it from the rest of the unit and reclaim the oil so you can have another smoking session.


Percolator Dab Rigs


Dabbing has its advantages, but the smoke can get too hot for some people. If your throat feels like it's burning, then you're not going to like dabbing very much. Using the right kind of pipe will cool the smoke so you can have a good time.


Percolator dab rigs work well because your smoke passes through one or more water chambers. As the smoke travels through the percolator, its temperature falls and impurities get filtered out. It's a fairly simple concept, but it will significantly improve your smoking experience. If you're sensitive to smoke, you need a multi-chamber percolator. It will change the way you think about dabbing.


Simple Designs for Everyday Use


A fancy pipe with multiple chambers and useful accessories is perfect for occasions when you're hanging out with friends. Sometimes, though, you just need a simple pipe for a quick smoking session. That's when you turn to a reliable pipe like adapterrlman's honeycomb dab rig.


The honeycomb dab rig is simple, but it has innovative features that will make your session great. In some respects, it's just like a regular dab rig. The honeycomb disc, however, makes a huge difference in your smoke's smoothness. Percolating the smoke through the honeycomb lowers the temperature and removes impurities so you get a cool hit of delicious smoke. Plus, the pipe's mouthpiece extends at an angle that makes it easier for you to inhale without accidentally spilling dirty water or – heaven forbid – getting any in your mouth. It's the perfect pipe for nights when you just want to chill.


The quality of your pipe has a lot to do with how much you enjoy your smoking experience. You have to own a pipe, so why not get one that will make smoking even more pleasant?

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