Dabburyegg Dab Rig Honeycomb Starter Kit

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How would you like to get your very own dab rig starter package?

Yes that's right everything you need in one package to get you started the right way. You will get one dab rig with  shower head percolator, a quartz dabburyegg and matching carb cap, stainless steel dabber, silicone mat and container. Everything you need in one package to get started.

Now lets cover each item we'll start with the dab rig. This dab rig is around 10" in height and super heavy duty so it can take a hit for when you have one of your clumsy friends over you won't have to worry. The honeycomb percolator inside this waterpipe features over several dozen tiny holes that are fire polished slits this percolator helps diffuse the smoke in to the water, once the vapors get diffused with the water it cools the vapors giving you a much more pleasurable hit. The fire polished slits help reduce build up and allows the vapors to pass by unhindered giving you less drag when you take a pull. Less drag for your hit means it's easier for your lungs and it doesn't feel like a vacuum is sucking back when you go to take a hit. Giving even those with lower lung capacity the ability to use this awesome dab rig.

Next we have our Dabburyegg that will be matched to fit with the dab rig. This is a type of dab nail used for vaporizing your concentrated oils. Quartz was chosen due to it's durability properties from being heated not to mention it will give you the best flavors. The Dabburyegg is of our own design and chosen to give you the maximum dabbing experience, our egg makes vapors thicker and holds heat longer allowing you to get the best flavors from your oils and sing less of it to get a stronger buzz  

The quartz carb cap is matched to your quartz banger, this particular accessory is used to give you thicker vapors while using less of yours oils. You can cap off you nail head dish limiting the amount of air mixing with the dab vapors giving you a much better flavor as well. You can do a very low temperature dab with a carb cap and the lower the temp the better you will taste the terpenes in your oils.

Last we have the dabbing kit which includes a stainless steel dabber, a silicone mat and container. The dabbing tool is used to keep your hand sticky free not to mention it will keep your oils free of any contaminants on your hands like oils or dirt. This tool is double sided with a scoop and pointer so you can with with the stickiest of saps or the driest crumble. The silicone container and mat are to keep your oils safe while not in use. The container will safely keep your oils safe from dust, dirt and any other junk floating in the air. The mat will help keep sticky goo off your table top for when you set your dabber tool down. 

Don't hesitate today and grab yourself this amazing Dab Rig Starter package and get everything you need to start dabbing the right way.

Lets of over what you get in this list:

  • 1 x Honeycomb waterpipe ($99.99 value)
  • 1 x Quartz Dabburyegg ($34.99 value)
  • 1 x Quartz Carb cap to match your Dabburyegg ($24.99 value)
  • 1 x Dabbing kit (Dabber Tool, Silicone Mat and Jar) ($19.99 value)
  • 1 x Enlarger adapter 

Total Package Value $179

Get your complete package today for $99.99


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